Richard Falcema


Richard Falcema, an independent designer living and working in Tokyo, Japan and also a Digital Artisan wandering around the Internet. My focus is to create things that no one has ever seen before. I’m trying to find a new way to make impactful design which fascinates people.

Having a great interest in art, design, and technology since childhood, I have been fond of making things and I decided to start my career as a designer. At first I worked only in grahic design, but my wide interest led me to focus on other creative fields such as web design, product design, motion graphics, and 3DCG, and now my work is across multiple fields.

When making, I try to incorporate scientific or technological concepts into my design because I like them and these logical concepts can reinforce meaning of design. Combining different kind of concepts can sometimes produce innovative solution and make me realize the possibility of new expression technique. In this way I have enhanced my skills as a Digital Artisan.


Graphic Design Print Design Branding Product Design Motion Graphics Web Design Visual Design 3DCG Digital Art


Paper & Pencil Illustrator Photoshop After Effects Cinema4D Maya V-Ray Octane ZBrush Substance DaVinci Resolve Processing